Process driven and tech empowered remote accountants

CloudCfo is more than traditional outsourcing. We take ownership of end-to-end processes and output from day one. We focus on providing outsourced accounting experts who deliver excellent results within timelines.

Tech Empowered Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Our unique web application is tailored to ensure the timeliness of accounting and financial processes and deliverables. Coupled with the expertise of our remote accountants, our web application gives you full control and visibility leading to added-value reports.

Accurate and updated bookkeeping, always.

Our application tracks all documents sent to our team and ensures that every bookkeeping transaction is performed within our agreed timelines.

Your virtual accounting team updates the status of every financial document from expense receipts to invoices so you always know when entries are updated in your accounting system.

Transparent communication

You have a question, need to give specific instructions or comment about a transaction: we give you multiple options to communicate efficiently with your remote accounting team. You can simply send an email to your dedicated inbox with files attached.

The CloudCfo WebApp captures all the information and tracks when the team has taken action and responded. You can also just comment or start a conversation within the web application.

Beyond the numbers

We go beyond bookkeeping and aim to provide value-added reports to help you or your clients run their business better. Accurate and informative reports start with clear financial processes and controls.

We manage workflows, timelines, reviews and approvals of key outputs through the CloudCfo WebApp to ensure all financial controls and closing procedures are followed and reported on.

Those are defined by our specialized onboarding team with you at the start of our engagement.

Getting started

Our onboarding team tailors processes, timelines and KPIs that align with your needs and objectives. We can set-up cloud accounting systems and define interfaces with other apps to make the bookkeeping and reconciliation processes more efficient.

Our focus is to leverage cloud accounting technology to make outsourcing efficient and added-value

Meet your CloudCfo team

Whether you need outsourced  bookkeeping services for a few hours a week or a full-time dedicated team of elite accounting professionals, you can be sure that all our teams are led by senior Certified Public Accountants with extensive experience with GAAP and IFRS standards.

These accounting and finance experts undergo rigorous training through our CloudCfo Academy to ensure that all offshore accounting professionals working with you are equipped with the technical expertise and proficiency on the cloud accounting solutions and other systems you use for bookkeeping and financial management.


Send us or upload your financial documents and our team of virtual accountants takes it from here. You can focus on growing your business or accounting firm.

The CloudCfo WebApp tracks the remote accounting team’s KPIs and ensures that we are following all set controls, performing reconciliations, and closing the financial statements on time.

We respond to questions and messages within one business day. All email exchanges are synced within our web application to ensure that we never miss anything important and to track our response times.

Your CloudCfo Team

A Dedicated Team of Professional Accountants, Bookkeepers led by Certified Public Accountants

Our team of dedicated accounting and finance professionals knows the value of the relationships we build with each client. We put great focus on trust, confidence, professionalism, and clear communication in all aspects, from start to finish.

Our Services

Online Bookkeeping

You send us all necessary financial documents and our remote bookkeepers manage it from there. We define and track clear processing times to ensure that you get the updates you need when you need them.
Supporting documents are linked to all bookkeeping entries - no more digging back through files or email chains. Documents are also classified and stored safely in case you need to extract them at a later date!

Financial Closing and Reporting

Get accurate financial reports on time, every time.
All financial closing procedures are defined from the outset to ensure all controls are in place and standards are fully respected.
Banks and transactions from system interfaces are reconciled frequently to make sure financial closing is a breeze.

Catch-Up Accounting

Your books have not been updated for some time? Don’t know where to start? CloudCfo can help your business get back on track!
We set clear priorities and carefully track progress and timelines through our own Web App.

Set-Up and System Integrations

Let technology work for you and make bookkeeping, reconciliations and controls more efficient.
Based on your objectives and requirements we help you set-up cloud based systems for e-commerce, fintech, payments processing and more!
Your processes are also defined and clear to take full advantage of system efficiencies, saving time and cost for your business.

A flexible monthly pricing model that matches your business needs

Whether you are a growing business needing day-to-day outsourced accounting support or an accounting firm aiming to grow your practice efficiently, our pricing model is tailored to your needs.

We combine the necessary expertise to make sure that you get qualitative reports efficiently and at an affordable cost. If some tasks, accounting entries, reconciliations or financial analysis need to be performed or reviewed by senior accountants or managers these can be scoped on an hourly basis. Our web application tracks time logged to specific tasks and workflows.

Scope-Based Services

Perfect for companies who want to receive value-added financial reports on a monthly or quarterly basis

  • Fixed monthly fee based on scope and transaction volume
  • Weekly and monthly deliverables
  • Manage deadlines and workflows through our web application

Part-Time Resources

You need your bookkeeping and reconciliations done on a daily or weekly basis but you don’t need a full-time resource just yet.

  • Define your team’s experience based on your needs
  • Your remote accountants are dedicated to your services during those times
  • Weekly hourly or daily packages for full flexibility
  • Manage workflows and track time through our web application

Full-Time Dedicated Team

Your accounting team is fully dedicated to you. We jointly define the best team structure based on your objectives.

  • Your team’s experience and size based on your needs and objectives
  • Monthly rates per position and level of experience
  • Grow your offshore team progressively
  • Combine full-time and part-time resources if needed
  • Manage workflows and track time for all employees across multiple projects and companies through our web application

Frequently Asked Questions

Our office is based in Metro Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

We currently work on a hybrid model between work-from-home and in the office. Each accounting team is required to be present in the office together as a team several days per week to facilitate better collaboration, knowledge sharing, and team dynamics. The CloudCfo WebApp allows us to track processes, deliverables, and response times in full transparency which works perfectly with our hybrid work model and allows our team members to strike the right work-life balance.

Our accounting teams cover multiple time zones across the globe— our working hours are based on the countries where our customers are located to ensure better collaboration and communication for all involved.

We currently have tax experts for the regulatory framework of the Philippines, Singapore, and Australia (Business Activity Statements). For other countries, we provide outsourced accounting services, outsourced bookkeeping services, financial reporting, and controllership, and collaborate with your tax agent or tax accountant to provide them with all the information they need to prepare and file your taxes.

At CloudCfo we do not have lock-in periods or minimum contract terms. We aim to keep our customers by providing a great offshore accounting service not by locking them into long-term contracts.

The CloudCfo Web App allows your remote team of accountants and bookkeepers to set clear processes. Through the Web App, you can assign and manage workflows to your offshore accounting team— from who is responsible for a task, who reviews it, and who approves it. It also centralizes document sharing and management, as well as team communication on workflows and accounting work.

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