Outsourcing: Should You Choose An Accounting Services Provider or A Freelancer?

As businesses grow, the demand for additional staff, particularly in critical areas like accounting and bookkeeping, becomes increasingly pronounced. The shortage of qualified accounting professionals presents a challenge for global enterprises looking to attract the right talent.

This situation propels business leaders to explore external solutions to address the staffing shortage and meet the escalating demand. Faced with the decision of whether to outsource accounting functions, businesses often consider two primary options: engaging freelance accountants or enlisting the services of a specialized accounting services provider. The variety of outsourcing options allows business owners to choose an approach that aligns seamlessly with their company’s unique needs.

However, before committing to either alternative, it’s crucial to actively examine the pros and cons of each choice. Recognizing that your decision as a business owner directly impacts the trajectory of your business growth, actively consider the quality of service each option offers.

This article aims to actively delve into both avenues, providing an insightful exploration of the advantages and disadvantages associated with freelance accountants and accounting services providers. By the end of this analysis, you’ll actively be better equipped to discern which option holds greater benefits for the sustained advancement of your business.

Should you outsource accounting for your global business? 

When contemplating whether to outsource accounting for your global business, it’s pivotal to scrutinize various factors before delving into the distinctions between freelance accountants and dedicated accounting service providers.

As a business owner navigating the expansion of your enterprise, the importance of cultivating a larger team to manage the growing workload is undeniable. This often involves recruiting additional employees, particularly those adept at handling intricate tasks related to compliance, finance, and accounting. Consequently, business owners grapple with the challenge of achieving more with limited resources, prompting the consideration of outsourcing as a strategic move.

Contrary to a common misconception that associates such challenges solely with large firms, organizations of all sizes can benefit from outsourcing accounting services, making it one of the most frequently outsourced functions for global businesses.

To assess whether outsourcing aligns with your global business, ponder over these challenges:


In the context of skill shortages, attracting and retaining qualified accountants becomes a significant challenge for global businesses. Business owners aspire to ensure their team possesses the expertise and experience crucial for maintaining client confidence, intensifying the pressure on talent acquisition.

Time and Costs

The expansion of your global business involves investing time and financial resources in effective solutions to manage growth. Opting to recruit new permanent employees may impede your growth, as attracting the right talent consumes time.

Productivity and Turnover

The extended hiring process not only hampers growth but also obstructs productivity. Insufficient team members to handle global client demands result in reduced work output and may divert focus from essential tasks driving business growth.

Capacity to handle global demands

Meeting the demands of a global client base is a central objective for every global business owner. However, success can inadvertently lead to challenges in capacity. If your global organization struggles to keep up with international demand, exploring strategies to enhance production capacity becomes imperative.

Should I hire an accounting service provider or freelancers? 

With these considerations, global businesses choose to outsource their accounting needs to either a global accounting service provider or to freelance accountants. While these two options may seem the same in what they are offering, there are also key differences: 

Accounting Service Providers

Accounting service providers offer comprehensive talent sourcing services, providing either an individual or a team of qualified accountants or bookkeepers to augment your existing workforce, enhancing overall performance and productivity. Additionally, these providers furnish essential resources, and office facilities, and manage various employee-related aspects, alleviating HR managers of these responsibilities.

This option affords you control over your team composition, as you can engage in discussions and interviews with potential candidates before making decisions. Accounting service providers streamline HR functions, payroll, and other employee-related matters, offering a cost-effective solution for driving growth without compromising work quality.

With the flexibility to hire accountants globally, you retain control over your financial investment in the team, allowing for strategic growth without exceeding budget constraints. The ability to assemble a global team enables the restructuring of roles and responsibilities, facilitating the transformative changes necessary for your business to scale rapidly.

Freelance Accountants

Engaging with a freelance accountant typically entails assigning tasks to an independent worker on a short-term or part-time basis. To connect with freelancers, you can post your project on professional platforms or marketplaces where companies or individuals can offer their services. This approach provides a swift and efficient way to hire for one-time projects and ongoing agreements.

Opting for freelancers can be cost-effective, as individuals or companies bid on projects, giving you the advantage of selecting from competitive offers. However, the drawback lies in the lack of oversight, as the work may be subcontracted to other freelancers, potentially compromising standards and qualifications. This diminished control could pose risks and, in the worst-case scenario, lead to additional costs if the delivered work falls short of expectations, necessitating the hiring of alternative individuals or companies.

Why should you choose CloudCfo as your accounting service provider?

An increasing number of firm owners are turning to the choice of building global teams for their premier talent retention initiatives, aiming to witness substantial growth and heightened profitability. This trend is particularly pronounced given that over 50% of businesses choose outsourcing to significantly reduce costs.

At CloudCfo, we stand as a prominent global accounting service provider, specializing in tailoring facilities to meet the unique needs of accounting firms. Our global teams consist of seasoned accountants and CPAs who undergo comprehensive training to hone their skills and expertise. 

By choosing CloudCfo, you’re gaining access to a global team of highly skilled and specialized professionals dedicated to supporting your business needs. This collaboration enhances productivity, allowing your local team to concentrate on pivotal tasks.

CloudCfo is committed to empowering leaders by providing dedicated teams for their firms and facilitating efficient scaling to unlock the true potential of their businesses. Ready to enhance your firm’s capabilities with CloudCfo? Start scaling efficiently today.

DISCLAIMER: This article is strictly for general information purposes only. Nothing in this article constitutes or intends to constitute financial, accounting, regulatory or legal advice and must not be used as a substitute for professional advice. It is still necessary to consult your relevant professional adviser regarding any specific matter referenced above.

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