Process driven. Output focused. Technology empowered.

Outsourcing accounting offshore should not compromise performance.

At CloudCfo our focus on process and technology ensures that you benefit from cost reductions while increasing performance and output.

Our Purpose

We help companies achieve sustainable growth by providing the highest level of professionalism, transparency and innovation in outsourced accounting and finance services.

Our Vision
We aim to revolutionize the world of accounting and finance through the use of cloud accounting and smart technology.
The Company

Founded in 2016 in Manila, Philippines, CloudCfo is the cloud accounting services provider focused on leveraging technology to bring outsourced accounting to new heights.

CloudCfo currently services more than 200+ businesses globally across a wide range of industries and business models, including tech, fintech, e-commerce, finance and lending, marketplace platforms, F&B, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, logistics and various forms of general business services.

CloudCfo offers the full range of accounting, bookkeeping, tax compliance and financial reporting services, all of which are performed entirely online and fully enabled by cloud technology.

The Founder

Having come from a family of entrepreneurs, Founder and CEO, Mickael Cardoso Das Neves established CloudCfo in early 2016. Prior to this, Mickael worked as a Chief Financial Officer for a large multinational corporation in Asia Pacific.

Mickael recognized that by utilizing cloud technology together with professional streamlined processes and the right expertise, business of any size and in any industry, can be empowered to run their finances much more efficiently and at a competitive cost.

So Mickael established CloudCfo in the Philippines – a country he has lived in for the last 10 years and the fastest growing market for process and knowledge outsourcing.

Our Team

For every business that we work with, CloudCfo assigns them a team of dedicated accounting professionals. These accounting teams are led by experienced accounting managers and supported by Subject Matter Experts.

Our team of offshore accountants knows the value of the relationships we build with each of our clients. These accounting experts ensure there is trust and confidence in every client interaction. They exude professionalism in all aspects and maintain transparency and clear communication across all of CloudCfo’s outsourced services.

Responsive and proactive, our outsourced accounting and bookkeeping experts help clients from all over the globe to grow their businesses and achieve their ultimate financial and commercial objectives.

CloudCfo is a team of


Our outsourced accounting and finance teams are led by expert accounting managers with experience across a wide range of sectors and industries.


Our remote accounting professionals are proactive and responsive. Send a query. Receive an answer. Move forward.


We work with you towards the same objective. We are an extension of your business.