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Define your objectives

From online bookkeeping for a small business to a dedicated full-time team of remote accountants, we tailor our services to your needs.

On-boarding and process definition

We do a lot more than traditional outsourcing. We set up the right offshore accounting team for your needs. Our specialized onboarding team defines processes, timelines, and performance indicators to ensure we deliver on our commitments every step of the way.

Day to day in full transparency

Our web application centralizes communication, manages files and tracks processes, timelines and time logs to give you full control and visibility on the performance of your outsourced accounting team.

Our accounting experts get things done so you can focus more on growing your business.

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A Dedicated Team of Offshore Accounting Experts…

  • Our teams are led by Certified Public Accountants, 100% proficient in IFRS and GAAP standards.
  • Our unique training programs focus on optimizing efficient utilization of cloud accounting solutions and continuous learning on accounting standards and best practices.

Who Breathe Technology…

  • Our in-house on-boarding team defines clear and efficient processes via our web application – from on-boarding to delivery of our services.
  • We have in depth experience across all major cloud accounting and financial applications. We can also implement and integrate systems tailored to your needs and objectives.

And Ensure 100% Transparency!

  • We provide you with real-time visibility on the status of workflows, deliverables and time spent per project, process and task.
  • Documents and communications are centralized to track response and processing times.

Our Services

Online Bookkeeping

You send us all necessary financial documents and our remote bookkeeper take it from there. We define and track clear processing times to ensure that you get the updates when you need them.
Supporting documents are linked to all bookkeeping entries - no more digging back through files or email chains. Documents are also classified and stored safely in case you need to extract them at a later date!

Financial Closing and Reporting

Get accurate financial reports on time, every time. All financial closing procedures are defined from the outset to ensure all controls are in place and standards are fully respected.
Banks and transactions from system interfaces are reconciled frequently to make sure financial closing is a breeze.

Catch-Up Accounting

Your books have not been updated for some time? Don’t know where to start? CloudCfo can help your business get back on track!
We set clear priorities and carefully track progress and timelines through our own Web App.

Set-Up and System Integrations

Let technology work for you and make bookkeeping, reconciliations and controls more efficient.
Based on your objectives and requirements we help you set-up cloud based systems for e-commerce, fintech, payments processing and more!
Your processes are also defined and clear to take full advantage of system efficiencies, saving time and cost for your business.

Question about Our Outsourced Accounting Services?

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Flexible Pricing Model

Save up to 70% of your Accounting and Bookkeeping Cost While Continuously Improving Performance

Our unique pricing models give you full control and flexibility to grow your team as needed

Scope-Based Services

Perfect for companies who want to receive value-added financial reports on a monthly or quarterly basis

  • Fixed monthly fee based on scope and transaction volume
  • Weekly and monthly deliverables
  • Manage deadlines and workflows through our web application

Part-Time Resources

You need your bookkeeping and reconciliations done on a daily or weekly basis but you don’t need a full-time resource just yet.

  • Define your team’s experience based on your needs
  • Your remote accountants are dedicated to your services during those times
  • Weekly hourly or daily packages for full flexibility
  • Manage workflows and track time through our web application

Full-Time Dedicated Team

Your accounting team is fully dedicated to you. We jointly define the best team structure based on your objectives.

  • Your team’s experience and size based on your needs and objectives
  • Monthly rates per position and level of experience
  • Grow your team progressively
  • Combine full-time and part-time resources if needed
  • Manage workflows and track time for all employees across multiple projects and companies through our web application

All throughout, the CloudCfo Web App will give you full visibility on service KPIs, how much time is spent on a project, and the tasks assigned and done.

Our objective is to improve efficiency. We don’t believe that adding resources is the solution for poor performance!

Trusted by Business Leaders Worldwide

CloudCfo is Leading the Digital Revolution of Outsourced Accounting, Bookkeeping and Finance Services.

All of our accounting and finance experts work with cloud-based accounting and finance software systems all day, every day!

We are constantly on the lookout for new solutions and features which can make bookkeeping or reconciliations more efficient. We continuously update our training programs so our accounting talents can deliver excellent virtual accounting and finance services to you.

Our accountants receive dedicated training for all accounting tools and systems that we work with for each of our customers.

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